Social media posting – know your onions!

This post can be summarised in one sentence (brevity, see – an often under-rated skill these days):

  • You really need to know your social media onions before crashing the party.

The chances are that if you run a business, charity or want to promote your skills, you know you should be joining the social media social whirl.

The music at this shindig is pretty loud, you can’t have failed to hear it – I think they’re just about to call the police.

But how can you do social media well – it’s so confusing, right?

There are enough people around who claim to be experts. There are books on it, blogs on it galore, but it boils down to this:

  • Know your audience
  • Plan your content

The article below contains a really useful graphic – you could use the topic headings to inspire your social media strategy.

Social Media Posting Guide Free Download – Top Nonprofits.

And here are two resources I also really like for inspiration: (particularly good for charities and small organisations) Mark W Schaefer’s site – the impressive keynote speaker at the recent Oi Conference on social media in Newport’s Celtic Manor

Happy posting.