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Great images, shame about the words…

HALF the battle in creating a beautiful, attractive website is in the images. Being a words person I say this through gritted teeth, you understand. 

If you live in a particularly stunning place and you run a tourism business, for example, then getting great images may even more than half the battle. But what you can’t afford to do is ignore your web words.


I recently saw a website advertising expensive and tastefully furnished self-catering accommodation in the Brecon Beacons National Park (pictured above).

It was obvious the owner had paid great attention to detail, right down to the locally-sourced soap in the bathrooms, pictured in the website’s classy photos. Shame they hadn’t paid similar attention to their website’s words.

Get the words right – and check your copy before you publish

The impact of the images was negated by punctuation errors, sloppy language and half-finished sentences (the words appeared to be almost a stream of consciousness, or jotted down in an extreme hurry in an email).

And which word do you think they really, really ought to have spelled correctly in the navigation bar? Accommodation. Schoolboy error: it’s spelled with TWO Ms. Oh dear.

Don’t forget about links, good headlines and sub-headlines

There were also no links to relevant tourism websites for the town and wider area. I wouldn’t advocate adding these willy-nilly for SEO purposes but I would add them if they are useful for the website user. In this case tourism information links certainly would have been appreciated.

Of course you can avoid ill thought-out, badly-worded and unprofessional-looking websites by using a professional content writer. I would say that but it’s true (contact me via

But if you don’t do that always get a second pair of eyes on your copy to avoid silly spelling mistakes at the very least.

If you do use a professional copywriter they can tighten up windy sentences (yes, that’s a professional term!), re-write wishy-washy headlines and help with neat navigation.

Make sure they’re web-savvy and know about the importance of using H2 headlines as well as H1s, of using ALT-text for photos and making sure your page titles are google-friendly (not IT-person-friendly) too.

All of which will be invaluable in helping you professionalise your web words as well as your web images. Or should I say your web image?

Want to go DIY with your web words?





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2 responses to “Great images, shame about the words…

  1. Good stuff. I’m passing it on to a friend who runs a B&B agency in London and is planning a new website.

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