About me

Following my own two-sentences-rule-of-thumb (thinks: rod for own back?) here’s a bit about me – yes, in a nutshell:

  • I’m a print journo tuned online addict!
  • I’ve always been a content person – it’s just now there’s a title for what I do.

Want a smidge more info?

I’ve worked in national magazines and regional newspapers, I’ve written news, features and columns, I’ve subbed and I’ve edited my way round the media in a journalism career spanning 17 years.

From 2010-2014 I was a web and social media officer at the UK National Parks’ website, working part-time there while continuing to build my business, www.purpleandgreen.co.uk, with my talented print-web designer husband.

Together we’re on a mission to make websites that look great, work great and read great (yes, I know the grammar is wrong here). 

I’ve already got a roster of clients – I do a mixture of web news writing/editing, web content editing, content creation (words/video/audio) and social media for them.

I can tell at a thousand paces whether an intro is tired and turgid or sparkling and engaging. I love words but I know when they’re over-written (less is really more online). And I know that ‘content is king’ but I’m not a marketeer or SEO geek – it’s about creating content for real people and they don’t speak in marketing speak. Run a mile from that.

Like a glutton for punishment I’d like to do more – especially to help people caught up in a content maelstrom, to help show them which way is up (metaphorically speaking)! So roll on more content strategy and content creation, I’m with the wagon all the way!

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